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Facing Life’s Challenges Together

Throughout life’s biggest challenges, we often find a helping hand, a mentor or coach, an expert or program, suited to helping us through.  But connecting with such people and resources is often a painful and difficult process, especially when we’re feeling isolated and alone.  Mifinder creates these connections – using mobile technology to link people with shared life experiences so that we can overcome challenges together and live our lives to their fullest potential.


Use Mifinder to join peer groups before visiting somewhere new

Reducing isolation

Mifinder connects you with others when you think you are alone

Increasing activity

Mifinder connects people in local areas, to encourage social, offline activities

"For a wheelchair user arriving in a new city, who doesn’t know anyone there, Mifinder is an ideal way to make friends with locals before moving. Get an idea of exactly where to go in advance thanks to learning local information from people who know what it’s like to use a wheelchair in the city. And in doing so, make new friends, too!"

− Finding peers in a new area

"We should never go through life's biggest challenges like depression alone. Reaching out to others, we find that the experiences that are most personal to us are also the most universal - and supporting each other is the best way to get through life challenges."

− Social support

We believe in the power of uniting people with shared life experiences and backgrounds. Find out more about our dedication to creating meaningful connections to bring about real change through our partnerships: