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Instantly find people you can relate to with our life experience search filters. Whether you are new to an area, dealing with a life situation or just want someone local to talk to – Mifinder helps create positive connections. Share experiences, learn local information, organise community events and more.


  • Search by life experience and community
  • Searches ordered by distance
  • Free instant messaging
  • Photo and location sharing
  • Advanced GPS options
  • Clearly displayed results
  • Explore local communities anywhere with live global search
  • Find exact matches with flexible combinations of filters
  • Save Favourites
  • Safe and Secure
  • Dedicated to diversity
  • Full disability support

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Who Uses it?


Use Mifinder to join peer groups before visiting somewhere new

On the move

Mifinder connects you with others when you think you are alone

On Mi Doorstep

Two neighbours who think they have nothing in common can find a common bond through Mifinder

"For a wheelchair user arriving in a new city, who doesn’t know anyone there, Mifinder is an ideal way to make friends with locals before moving. Get an idea of exactly where to go in advance thanks to learning local information from people who know what it’s like to use a wheelchair in the city. And in doing so, make new friends, too!"

− Access information from people who know

"When you frequently travel for business, visiting countries with unfamiliar local languages, Mifinder can be used to discover people nearby from another country. Not only does the platform offer someone to talk to, it can reveal someone to work with. It’s difficult to stay productive when you’re in a new place. When you can find peers who understand where you’re coming from, and what you’re doing, there’s no end of opportunities to keep working on the move."

− Reducing isolation and increasing productivity

"Living close to people from different backgrounds, it might seem like you have nothing in common. Neighbours connecting through Mifinder can discover they had very similar life experiences, such as coping with depression or immigrating to the UK, and form an instant bond. It’s possible to find friendship, and even support, with someone you might not have considered talking to before."

− Life experiences create real connections

Coming Soon

Mifinder is a continually evolving platform. The life experiences and communities we support are always expanding to include more people, and we’re building in new features to enrich the experience.


Mi NEW Features:

Mi Life

Find others who have shared your life-changing experiences – creating connections that matter

Mi Socials

Arrange any event, any time – for the exact people you want

Mi Places

Chat online and meet in the real world! Identify suitable meeting places in your community, with our powerful GPS mapping software

The Team

Mifinder exists because we believe in the power of uniting people with shared life experiences and backgrounds. Every member of our team is dedicated to creating meaningful connections, using backgrounds in community, communications and technology to bring about real change.


The project is backed by a group of highly experienced, socially conscious investors.


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