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Create a complete profile and find like-minded others in moments. Our Life Experience search filters help you to find exactly who you want to talk to – choose from any combination of life experiences, including moving to a new country, facing serious illness and living with disabilities, and the birth of a new child. Our users are real people with completed profiles, making the most accurate search results possible.


Life Experience Filters Include:


Cope with depression together by finding others who have been through the same problems.

Hard of hearing

Discuss the challenges of hearing loss and discover local information your peers.

New Parent

Learn childcare tips, find other parents to share the load, or just connect to enjoy parenting together.


Gain support and understanding from others nearby who have also been coping with loss.

Wheelchair Users

Discover local access information, organise sports teams or simply socialise with other wheelchair users.


Connect with others who have shared the social and physical challenges of autism, for like-minded discussion and mutual support.

Partially Sighted

Form community groups and find out about the best services for visual impairments in your area.

War Veteran

Meet others who understand the life changing effects of war.

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Completing your profile is as simple as choosing the categories that describe you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for let us know – we’re dedicated to including everyone.


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