We take security very seriously


It’s important that you feel comfortable and safe at all times when using our service – if you have any problems or concerns please email us directly.

We keep users safe by:

*working in close collaboration with local authorities

*monitoring user profiles to ensure all our users are real people, with photos

*offering simple features to block or report other users at the tap of a button

Your location will never be shared, with us or another user, unless you choose to do so.

To ensure the best service possible, we have addressed popular security queries in the section below. By using Mifinder you are stating that you have read, understood and agree to abide by the following policy and we would advise you do this with all social networking apps and websites that you use.


Please read the advice below:

Security FAQs


What type of profile photos are allowed?

Only human pictures are allowed on profiles to guarantee all our users are real. By displaying your photo, this encourages trust and integrity in your Mifinder profile. If you prefer not to have a face picture, we will accept a full figure photo from afar.

All submitted photos must be your own, with no nudity, no written words, no photos of anyone who looks under 18 and no illegal activity displayed. All profile photos are pre-vetted and may be rejected if they are not appropriate. If you do see an inappropriate profile photo, please report the user to us. If you feel your profile photo was rejected unfairly please let us know.


A person with no profile picture has tried to contact me. What should I do?

This user has not had a profile picture approved by the Mifinder team yet. They may be new and waiting for moderation, or they may have submitted an inappropriate picture. You are welcome to chat to each other if you wish, but please be aware this user has not been verified.


A person who has a profile photo which is not of themselves is using the app. What shall I do?

We are strict on approving pictures to build trust and integrity with other people using the app. Please report this person to us by pressing the Report button on their profile and briefly explain the reason. We will investigate and take necessary action.


What are the age restrictions?

To use Mifinder you must be aged 18 or over. When you create an account, you must state your age group (with no group under 18 years old). We check all photos to make sure users look 18 or over, and if you do not look 18 years of age or over in your photo your account may be terminated. If you suspect another user is younger than 18, please report them to us and we will investigate.


What is the profanity filter?

On profile names and profile descriptions we operate a profanity blocklist, which means that if a user types a banned word in, they will not be able to proceed with the profile. If you see any other words used by another user which you feel may not be inappropriate please let us know.


How can using Facebook and Twitter links on profiles help?

We encourage users to link their Facebook or Twitter accounts to their profiles. It’s an exciting way to make new friends and followers, and it confirms your identity to us and other users. Full profiles are not shown through Mifinder; these links only give other users access to your public profiles.


Can I turn my distance from other users Off?

Yes. Do this by pressing Menu, then Settings, then Share My Distance and turn it Off. This will not affect your enjoyment of the app, but your distance from other users will no longer be displayed.


Can other users know my exact location?

Your exact location will never be automatically displayed to other users, only your distance (such as 1.1 miles away). If you choose to share your location, when you are chatting with another user you can press the Key button in the chat screen. You should only share your exact location when you feel comfortable enough to meet another user.


How do I block a user?

You can block any user instantly by pressing the Block button on their profile. That user cannot contact you again and they will not know you have blocked them.


How do I report a user?

You can report any user by pressing the Report button on their profile and describing your reasons why. If you have a problem with the user, please explain and include your contact details if possible – and remember to Block them by pressing the Block button on their profile.


How are reported users investigated?

Mifinder has established procedures set up for the safety, security and reassurance of our users. Reported users can be suspended, and their accounts deleted. Records are kept and reported to authorities if appropriate.

Staying Safe Online


The following tips are offered by the Mifinder team to help keep you safe while using our service.


Always protect your identity to prevent fraud

It is very important to keep your identity safe from others on the internet – do not reveal anything until you feel comfortable doing so. As with any website or social networking app, please do not give your card details or make payments to other people. Although it is rare, if you are asked to do this please report that person immediately.

Take your time

Do not overuse sharing location services, and don’t feel pressured into doing so just because the other person shares their location with you. Only proceed with meeting people from social networking media when you feel ready.

Put safety first

Be a little sceptical when meeting new people from the internet, just to be safe. For example, a person’s photo on social networking sites can be outdated or photoshopped, or found somewhere else. If you suspect another user of this behaviour, please report them.

Make others aware of your actions

Tell someone who you’re meeting, where you’re going, and when you’re planning on coming back. Only ever meet in a public place.

If you do have trouble through meeting people online, report any attacks or threats to law enforcement agencies straight away. It can be an unpleasant experience, but by making others aware of such a situation you can save somebody from getting in the same situation as you.

Disabled Users

This app is designed to build trust and confidence in communities such as the disabled to engage with others, from building friendship to networks to social support. If you are meeting someone please let your chaperone or carer know where you are. If you have feedback on how to enhance this security process to ensure an enjoyable experience of the app please get in touch to let us know.

General Use

As per our full Terms, users are strictly forbidden to “stalk”, harass, abuse, defame, threaten or defraud other users, solicit for business, or collect, attempt to collect, or store location or personal information about other users.

Our full terms and privacy policy are available here


Privacy Policy