Technical FAQs


Below are answers to our users’ most frequently asked questions about technical issues you might find with Mifinder. If there is anything you would like to know that is not covered here, please contact us to let us know.


Please read advice below:



How do I improve the accuracy of my searches?

Go to your Find for Me screen by pressing Menu then Find for Me, then check what you have selected. The thumbnail screen will show all users who meet your selection criteria. Please click “Search Now” to save your selection.


Can I disable GPS so I don’t share my distance to other users?

Yes. Go to Menu, then Settings, then scroll down to Share My Distance and turn it Off.


How do I report bugs and give feedback on how to improve the app?

Please email us at


How do you delete a Mifinder profile?

Press Menu, then Settings, then Delete My Account.


How can I see my own or another user’s photo without all the writing on it?

Press the screen once and the full picture will appear.


My profile has been suspended / deleted by Mifinder, what do I do?

As per our Terms and Conditions, all Mifinder profiles must follow the Profile Guidelines. Any photo or text violations will be moderated and removed; multiple violations could result in a permanent ban.
Were you banned in error? Send your device ID and a brief explanation via email and we’ll investigate.


Why do I have two profiles showing on the Thumbnail screen?

If you’ve bought a new phone or updated your phone, your old profile will remain on Mifinder. In which case please go to your old profile and press Report, and explain the reason as Duplicate Profile. We will then remove your old profile.

I haven’t found an answer to a particular question, what should I do?


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