The power of mutual support


Working extensively with life experience groups, I have seen first-hand how important it is that people who have shared certain challenges find like-minded others, to make new friends and offer one another mutual support. This is a need that I recognised mobile technology could answer, and I set out as an entrepreneur to create the Mifinder platform. What we are building is a powerful network that uses cutting edge features for a unique social purpose: to help one another overcome life’s challenges.


Founder – Gabriel Saclain

"The things that are most personal are actually the most universal - you're not alone in facing life's challenges. Mifinder is a tool that connects people in need with those peers, communities and materials that can help."

− Jeff Wellstead, Silicon Networks Limited (MiFinder)

"We are building something that nurtures community, and sharing that with everyone – so that people everywhere have the means to make meaningful connections, no matter how isolated they feel."

− Phil Williams, Silicon Networks Limited (MiFinder)

"There’s something tribal in all our backgrounds and cultures – we’re making finding other people from your tribe as easy as it’s ever been."

− Adam Akbar, Investor

Joining the Team

Are you plagued with innovative thoughts, and searching for the perfect outlet? Do you believe, above all, in the power of sharing life experiences? If have skills in the following areas, we’d love to hear from you:


App Development – Product Development – Technology – Social Media